Relaxing Massage Spa

Truly allow yourself to unwind at our relaxing massage spa in a tranquil environment. A treat for the senses, a massage at GLO Spa sets the scene for a restful stay at our Lake Simcoe resort. Our trained spa attendant will move and manipulate the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other soft tissues of the body. Release tension, improve mobility, and feel a sense of peace, calm, and vitality at our relaxing massage spa.

In addition to soothing massages, our spa attendants use a variety of luxurious products and accessories to enhance your experience. From heated seashells to warmed bamboo sticks, we offer a variety of methods to help products fully absorb.

Aromatherapy is another relaxing aspect of GLO Spa’s massages. When you select an aromatherapy massage, a blend of natural essential oils will be used to target specific concerns, reduce tension, improve energy, and release stress. Discover the relaxing massage spa treatment that’s exactly what your body needs!


Traditional Massage

This relaxing massage incorporates a variety of different techniques that can reduce stress hormones, relieve muscular aches, and improve sleep, in addition to many more benefits. 


Organic Wood & Bamboo

At GLO Spa, we are pleased to offer this new massage technique that uses different sizes of warm solid wood or bamboo sticks to help achieve the ultimate deep tissue massage. 


Ultimate Seashell Massage

Allow tension and stress to melt away through the comforting warmth of heated seashells. This popular treatment delivers a healing effect to treat tired and aching muscles. 


Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage offers you the best of both worlds by using a blend of fragrant essential oils combined with a relaxing massage


Teen Relaxing Massage

Designed to relax the body, mind, and spirit. Great as a gift for any teens traveling with you! 30 Minutes – $40, 45 Minutes – $60


Couple Massage

Truly allow yourself to unwind at our relaxing massage spa in a tranquil environment.


Head and Neck Massage

30 min    $40

Relaxing back and Head massage

30 min    $50


Blissful foot Massage

30 min    $40

Swedish Massage

60 min    $110

45 min      $90

30 min      $65